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What is ESO?

Economics Student Organization is a student group committed to help students discover their career goals and interests. We offer students multiple networking opportunities through our weekly company information session, social events and networking events.

Who We Are:

As a pre-professional student organization, we have been offering University of Minnesota students various career information and professional skills development advice. Through our events and connections within the university and professional world, ESO members have found careers in companies such as General Mills, IBM, Target and Wells Fargo.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Economics Student Organization is to help students discover their passions, to provide career and academic guidance, and to connect the economics student community at the University of Minnesota. In order to accomplish our mission, we provide three areas of support for students:

■ Insight: We present our members a wide array of speakers and guest presenters and offer them multiple internship and career opportunities from different organizations.

■ Resources: We provide our members with career and academic advice while helping members grow professionally and academically.

■ Community: We create a welcoming community for students to meet one another and discover common career and academic interests.


ESO Weekly Meeting

Wednesday, March 22, Hanson 1-108

This meeting will feature graduate students from the University of Minnesota's Economics PhD program. Come ready to learn more about Graduate school and the doors it opens. Even if you are not currently interested in higher education, this is a great opportunity to hear from someone who used to be in the same situation as you are now.

Free food will be provided, please come join us!

Become a Member

ESO accepts new members year round, and it is easy to become a ESO member. To become a member, please inquire at one of our meetings, and we will have you fill out a membership application form. A membership to ESO for the entire school year costs only $20.

Become an ESO member, and you can enjoy the following benefits:

Free ESO T-shirt

Free admisison to our Networking Events

Access to additional job, internship, and networking opportunities from recruiters through our members newsletter

For more information about joining ESO, please contact us at


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